Botanical Wax Melt Fragments *7 Scents Available*

Botanical Wax Melt Fragments *7 Scents Available*

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The Bee Garden - top notes of wild flowers and bee friendly blooms including wild marjoram, honeysuckle and lilac with a heart of honey filled with flower botanicals of purple mallow flower, blue cornflower, rose and marigold.

Poppy & Barley - a beautiful scent reminiscent of poppies in a summer meadow. Top notes of poppy, violet and cassis lead to a heart of rose and jasmine with a base of white musk filled with the botanicals of verbena, orange marigold and rose.

Pink Pepper & Rose - top notes of blackcurrant and damson plum with a floral heart of petals including rose, carnation and lily with a base of spicy pink pepper filled with rose petals, rose buds and pink peppercorn botanics.

Lavender & Chamomile - a soothing, tranquil blend of french lavender, chamomile and lilac with notes of coconut and vanilla filled with lavender and chamomile botanics.

Bergamot & Verbena - top notes of bergamot, zesty citrus and verbena on a base of sandalwood infused with the botanics of lemon verbena and hollyhock flowers.

Wild Mint - the scent of fresh wild mint with a hint of white tea infused with peppermint and white jasmine flower botanicals.

Rhubarb & Rose - tart rhubarb blended with tea rose on a base of velvety woods and dried fruit crammed with beautiful pink rose petals and rose bud flowers.



Each bag weighs approximately 90g. This is equivalent to nearly 2 of our original wax melt bars.
This is a zero to landfill product, and we are proud to say all the packaging is plastic free and biodegradable, so can be placed with food waste or on to a compost heap.
The box can be recycled and the tape used to close this parcel is also biodegradable and compostable.