About Our Products



Our candles are made from eco soy wax which is an renewable source. Our soy wax is sourced sustainably and responsibly and contains no preservatives and is natural ,kosher and vegan friendly. Soy wax does not produce the dreaded black petroleum-carbon soot and it provides 30-50% longer burn than paraffin candle. Soy candles produce zero petro-soot. Lower soot levels help maintain pure air quality and reduce the black smog, paraffin candles produce, allowing them to have the title of clean burn candles.

We use the finest cotton wicks, these are a natural wicks with no metal content and provide the source of heat to give you a long burn candle.

All our fragrances are not tested on animals, are vegan friendly.

The stickers and glue we use on our candles also contain no animal products.

We also produce melts for your tealight or wax melter in all fragrances

All our tins are recyclable and can either be returned to us or recycled like your regular food tins.

Liquid Hand wash

 Our liquid hand wash is made using the finest ingredients, and it also vegan friendly and not tested on animals, also they contain no SLS. They are highly fragranced and leave a long lingering smell on your hands. They were designed with the most sensitive skins in mind.

 Hand & Body Lotion

Our hand and body lotions where designed to match some of our candle scents. They are vegan friendly, and do not contain any animal or animal derived raw materials or parabens. They are made using the finest ingredients. The lotion leaves your skin feeling moisturised and refreshed.


Our diffusers are made using the same amazing fragrances that we have in our candle range. We use the finest rattan reeds, and a premium renewable sourced carrier oil. reusable glass bottle with stopper. They are vegan and cruelty free.

Our car diffusers are a fabulous idea for fragrancing your car and can last up to 4 months. They also come in our full range of candle scents and are a unique addition to any car.