Wax Melt Guide

Wax melts are designed to be gently heated in a wax melter to release their scent. They are technically candles without the wick. You will need either a tea light melter or an electric wax melter. A tea light melter will require a tea light candle as the heat source and an electric melter can be plugged into an electric socket.
Our wax melts are designed and tested using both tealight and electric melters so are perfect for either of these.  Please only melt our wax melts in a melter that is designed for this purpose. Oil burners are designed for burning oil and water and these are not suitable for wax melting.
Our wax melt bars are designed to be snapped into pieces that suit the size of your melter although we would recommend using 2 squares per melter if it fits.
Once the scent has burnt off you can remove the wax from your melter in 2 ways, you can either allow the wax to cool and place the bowl in the freezer for around 30 mins to allow the wax to shrink, then the wax will slide out. Another way is to heat the bowl slightly allowing the bottom layer of wax to melt, slip out the wax and wipe clean.
Our melts are made using eco soy wax so once the fragrance is gone the remaining wax can be put into your compost bin. You can then add 2 more squares from a wax bar and start scenting your home again.